Cobra White label Antivirus SDK

Cobra is here to join other leading local Antivirus in the fight while reducing dependence on the use of foreign Antivirus.

Cobra Antivirus Engine SDK details

Cobra Antivirus Engine SDK is a set of: Antivirus Engine with Antivirus Databases and regular updates. It detects and cures all types of malware, connects antivirus functionality to applications. It also allows You to create Your own antivirus software without the need to have a personal virus laboratory.

Cobra WEB Filter System SDK

Cobra WEB Filtering System SDK is a set of software modules (drivers, necessary libraries, and filters) for intercepting and filtering WEB traffic; regularly updated database of WEB-resources that contains information about potentially dangerous sites (and sites with inappropriate content) that are divided into categories; required accompanying documentation to connect/create WEB filtering SDK module with the source code of examples in different programming languages.

Cobra Updater SDK

The client-server organization of server updates (on the basis of WEB) and the client for loading necessary updates. Cobra Antivirus updater update soundlessly and automatically updates its detection files, most users never need to install their virus definition updates as well.

Cobra File filter System SDK

The engine that consists of a driver and interfaces library; allows any application to control access to the file filtering System SDK by intercepting requests, to allow or deny access to any of the files on the logical basis, implemented by Your software. It is ideal for creating virus file filters or access control for files on the local computer.

Cobra Threat Intelligent

By Cobra Threat intelligence anyone can access our giant virus repository to detect whether the file is trustable or not. Cobra Threat Intelligence collects data from various sources across the World through honeypots. Our Rafusoft Virus Labs analyst hundreds of thousands of Indicators of the sample and turn objects into actionable.