License Agreement

1. Basic Provisions

This Agreement is concluded between Rafusoft, Company Identification Number: 525 (Trade License), registered address in Nimnagar Balubari, Dinajpur, Postcode: 5200; registered in the Dinajpur Municipality maintained by the town committee presided over by the Deputy Magistrate, File No. 5824, established under the laws of Bangladesh Govt, as the producer of the Cobra Antivirus program (hereinafter referred to as “Program”) and You, as the legal owner, or the owner´s legal representative, of the computer (hereinafter referred to as “User”), on which a copy of the program is installed. By agreeing to this License Agreement, you are agreeing to all its points.

2. Program

The program is freeware. The Program may be freely distributed without the prior written permission of Rafusoft, a.s. The Program is provided free of charge to the User during the term of the individual free license.

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the license terms, distribution, and type of license.

3. Activation and License Number

For the Program to function fully, it is necessary to log into your Cobra AV account. After a successful login to the Cobra account service, you will receive a unique license number (hereinafter referred to as “License”) associated with your specific installation of the Program. Once you log in, the Program will be activated and will automatically download updates and new virus definition descriptions.

You can also log in and create an account separately via the Internet at

4. License Validity

As long as the license is valid, the User may use the Program. The License is valid for the time period shown in the Program after logging into the Cobra Antivirus account.

After the expiration of a Free License, the creator of the Program shall automatically renew it for the User. However, the Program creator reserves the right to terminate the free License at any time.

5. Copyright

The rights to the Program and all parts thereof are the property of Rafusoft, a.s., and/or its suppliers. The Program is protected by copyright law in Bangladesh and in countries with similar intellectual property protection under international agreements in force.

6. Restriction of use

The rights to the program and all elements thereof are the assets of Cobra software application, a.s., and/or its vendors. This device is included by copyright law inside Bangladesh and in international locations with similar intellectual property safety under global agreements strain.

7. Multilicense Use

The rights to this device and all elements thereof are the property of Cobra software program, a.s., and/or its providers. this system is protected through copyright law inside Bangladesh and in international locations with comparable intellectual belongings protection under global agreements in pressure.

8. Expiration of the Agreement

The settlement shall expire if any of the agreement clauses are breached. Upon expiration, all copies of this device related to the license granted under this agreement ought to be deleted.

9. Restrained Assurance

Cobra software, a.s. assumes no legal responsibility for damages because of the usage of this software at the person’s pc or for each other damage in a roundabout manner related to the usage of this application.

10. Commercial Enterprise and Technical Support

If you have any questions on the legality of the use of this program, please touch the Cobra software, a.s. business department. Please direct your technical inquiries to the patron and technical manual.